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Triphala is a composite herbal preparation containing equal proportions of Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki.

Haritaki: It is a rasayana for the eyes and good for the digestive system. It helps enhance the absorption of nutrients in food. Haritaki is a yogavahini, which means that it cleanses the channels and is absorbed quickly by the body. In addition, the Charaka Samhita says that Haritaki is all-dosha balancing.

Medicinal uses:

It is astringent, light, easily assimilated, digestive, antiseptic, alternative, laxative, diuretic and carminative. It promotes digestive power, heals wounds and ulcers, cures local swellings, skin and eye diseases. Laxative, stomachic, tonic and alternative. Used in fevers, cough, asthma, urinary diseases

Home remedies:

  1. It is a safe purgative its powder can be used as purgative in the dose of 3-5gms.
  2. One should perform Kavala and Gandusha along with the decoction of Haritaki in the diseases of oral cavity.
  3. One should paste its dry powder on the teeth to make strengthen them.

 Amalaki: It is the richest source of vitamin C. Also has aammie acid, resinous matter, glucose, protein, cellulose, calcium.

It is also a rasayana, which means that it has longevity-enhancing and disease-defying qualities. The Charaka Samhita says that it is the best among rejuvenative herbs. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, and is the most concentrated and absorbable source of the vitamin in the plant kingdom. It also contains other absorbable minerals that nourish the skin, the blood and the whole body. Because of its high content of Vitamin C, it is a powerful antioxidant.

Medicinal uses:

It is astringent, bitter, digestive, aphrodisiac, laxative, diuretic and tonic. It detoxifies the body and regulates digestion. Helps to increase lean body mass & reduce fats. It promotes ojas and the reproductive fluids, and is useful in the treatment of ulcers and hyperacidity.

It cures diseases due to morbid Vata, Pitta and Kapha and is especially useful for abundant growth of hair. It cures thirst, burning sensation, vomiting, diabetes, emaciation, anorexia, toxicosis, fever, impurity of blood and hemorrhage. Also useful in cough dyspnoea, inflammation of the eyes, jaundice, leucorrhoea and menorrhagia. It is coolant, refrigerant, diuretic, laxative, and tonic.

Home remedies:

  1. Amalaki is highest natural source of vitamin c. consumption of one fresh fruit provides 3000 mg vitamin C to the body. It is particularly effective as Rasayana herb.
  2. Internal use of Amalaki powder in the dose of 3-5 gm daily improves eyesight, cleanses mouth, and also provides rejuvenative effects.
  3. External use of paste of Amalaki on scalp gives rise to lustrous and shiny hair to grow.
  4. Internal use of Amalaki in any form (powder, juice or compound preparations like Chyavanprasha etc.) enhances the immunity response and strength of the body.  

- Bibhitaki: It is ideal for pacifying both Pitta and Kapha, and that it cleanses the nutritive fluid (Rasa Dhatu), the blood, the muscle and the fat tissue. Sushruta points out the bhedana effect of this fruit, which means that because of its heating quality it clears the clogged channels almost as if drilling them clear.

It has no chance of possibly damaging the gall bladder when consumed as it has more nutrional value. As a result it acts as a sponge in the bladder gradually squeezing the waste matter outwards.

We are delighted to announce that Chakrapani Center has been awarded the following ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications. ISO 9001:2008 is for our quality management system and ISO 22000:2005 for following highest level of food safety standards in our manufacturing facility.

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